by Heather M. Orgeron

Absolutely Freaking Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
An author that I hadn’t read before but one that totally bowled me over. From the very first page, I was chuckling and as the story developed, I was the once doubled over, laughing my a** off like a total loon.
Gina was just glorious, who even though she was in her mid-thirties showed no signs of looking for Mr Right, she was happy with a never-ending supply of Mr Right Now’s. Although I did think that her job as a sex therapist may just be the coolest job I have read about in a storyline in a long time.
But was all her bravado just for show or was she a woman of her convictions, because she was about to be put to the test when she crosses paths with the delightful Jeffrey (and his girls).
On a break with her godson Landon, she comes into conflict almost with a rather irate Jeffrey, he isn’t a happy camper when it comes to the situation that is brewing between Landon and his daughter Evangeline…I couldn’t help but laugh thinking about the can of worms that he was opening but stepping into the ring with teenage hormones!
Of course, by the time the story took hold, it wasn’t the teenagers that were fighting the attraction that was sparking …Gina and Jeffrey were all in, no matter how hard they tried to deny it. They were exceptional together, their struggle to keep their connection purely platonic was hilarious, the banter between them was some of the funniest I have read in a long time, it had me weeping!
Everything in moderation…. not a hope in h**l, this had everything in bucketloads and it was all quite simply sensational!
Fabulously well written, with on-point attention to detail and a level of comic timing that was completely flawless, this is one that I will read again and again!

Topic: Doppelbanger by Heather M. Orgeron

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