Hard to Hold

by Arell Rivers

I am going to say the famous five words – Better than the first book!! Kicking straight off the back of the first book, this was quite simply superb.

Emotionally this was a b*tch, I felt as if my heart was being battered into submission. I wasn’t sure whether or not it would be the characters or I that would give out first, they had so much going on that I was terrified for them and the things that they were having to go through, I read much of the book with fingers crossed and I think if I could have read it by peeking between my finger I might very well have done so.

The stalker is still playing havoc with Rose and Cole and added into the angst that they both already have on their plates…I mean Cole is still having to deal with the aftermath of Vegas and Rose, bless her, she is up to her eyes trying to resolve the issues, she faces with her career, but can they work through those and still have time to handle the absolute lunatic that seems to be getting more and more disturbed with every day that ticks by.

Is it all too much? I was really worried that the juice just might not be worth the squeeze and that facing everything they have going on might just be the final nail in the coffin and they call time on their relationship, I was praying that it wasn’t but I couldn’t help but think that they time may very well be over.

Can Cole fix his mistake and get Rose back in his life where she belongs?

Will Rose see the bigger picture or will being faced with Cole every day be too much for her to bear? I hoped she had the strength and fortitude to hold firm.

With another book to come I will forgive the author for yet another heart breaker of a cliff hanger, honestly my nerves were frayed!!!

Topic: Hard to Hold by Arell Rivers

Date: 31/03/2017

By: Arell Rivers

Subject: Thank you!

Thanks for your wonderful review ~ I'm glad your heart let you continue reading until the end. :) Book 3 is right around the corner...

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