Harbour by Penelope Louleas


Harbour is offered the chance of escape, a job with Lincoln Whitmore as his new personal assistance means that she has the opportunity to get as far away from her cheating ex as possible – out of sight and definitely out of mind. Moving from Australia to New York – should just about do the trick!

But Harbour isn’t the only one nursing a broken heart, Lincoln is piecing his heart back together after his fiancé was caught cheating on him.

One night, two months prior was the catalyst to their story but they didn’t know it yet. Names withheld and masks firmly in place they may have gone their own ways after that night but neither of them was able to completely dismiss the pull that one night had on them.

So when Lincoln returns to the fold to assume his role as the company CEO, he is faced with the woman that has plagued his mind since their New Year’s Eve kiss. Names be damned, Cindy/Harbour whoever she wants to be, Lincoln lays it all on the line for a woman that he just can’t be without.

I loved the fact that Lincoln was brutally honest, he hid nothing form Harbour, he told her that he wanted her and that it was consequences be damned – he had no plan to hide his relationship with her – he just needed her to know that she was in it for the long haul, she had to buy into the fact that the pull between them was uncontrollable and they owed it to themselves to give it a try.

Harbour thinks about things too much sometimes but I have to admit that I really loved her lack of brain to mouth filter – she was honest, blunt some could say but she held nothing back and that is only to be commended.

Where Harbour was a complete free spirit, Lincoln was more constrained but he was glorious - I am smitten!!! He worshipped the ground Harbour walked on and was not shy about showing her what she meant to him. Ring in hand he set about making her his forever.

But their happy ever after was about to become seriously derailed.

I have to say that until this point  I thought I had a handle on Lincoln, he seemed to be a fairly black and white guy who wore his heart on his sleeve and loved unconditionally but when he chose his ex – a woman that had cheated on him over Harbour the woman that adored him, I found his reasoning seriously flawed. I know that he may have though that he had no choice but really!!!

His stubbornness and willingness to be railroaded was farcical, a blind man could see that there was only one way this was going to end but he buried his head in the sand and ostracised Harbour from his life.

Painful didn’t even cover the emotional turmoil that Harbour was facing but with her dignity in tact she packed up and headed home, it was just too much to watch the man still loved be with someone else.

I was happy when the shit hit the fan with Lincoln, he deserved what happened to him, he could have prevented it if he had only listened to not only Harbour but his family and friends but I was also proud of him for at least trying to mend the best thing that had ever happened to him, but rejection cuts deep and Harbour is having nothing to do with his apologies.

But Harbour’s life is not all plain sailing now she is back in Australia, I mean she has a crazy arsed ex too. Only difference is that her nut-job is armed and she is on his radar.

Tragedy averted by Lincoln, secrets untold by the both and happiness re-found – yep that is just about the gist of it – it wraps up much as I had hoped it would early on but after what Lincoln had done, I was peeved because I thought it wrapped up too quickly, he got off lightly in my book and Harbour was too ready to welcome him back eventually with open arms.

The sex is frequent and seriously hot – both Lincoln and Harbour are more than willing to push the boundaries and the mix of hot dirty talking alpha male with filter-less dirty mouthed woman was just joyous