Sidney's Triple Shot

by Lori King

There were aspects of this book that were more enjoyable than others and whilst I would say that overall I enjoyed the read, that doesn’t mean that I was totally enamored with all of it or everyone in it.
Sidney had been through some trying times, her past was one that was littered with mistakes, misery and worst of all abuse but having reached rock bottom, she finally resolves to get free and make a difference to her own situation, and to escape the violence that has cost her so dearly.
Now, this I was fully on board with but she sort of lost me a little along the way as I took exception to some of her actions. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted her to get a happy ending, lord only knows that she deserved it but I was praying that she would find herself along the way and I am not 100% certain that she did. Anyway, that is all just my opinion, so back to the story.
When she eventually ends up in Apache Crossing, with nothing and knowing nobody, she could have had little understanding of just how much her life would change, nor how quickly and again it was the speed with which everything happened that had me scratching my head. It was obvious that Xavier, Tyce, and Noah were keen on her and I liked that the author portrayed them as good guys, men that understood that she was someone that they had to be patient with and believe me they were but the scenario that she was getting into was one that I would have like to have had a little more time getting to grips with, after all, it isn’t every day you hook up with three guys.
I liked the fact that all three of the guys were willing to show not only passion but compassion when it came to Sidney, that they were willing to work hard to prove to her that despite what she thought she was someone they wanted to be able to love completely. It was a far from easy task because with Sidney they had turn around so much pain and negativity, to show her that she could love them because she could love herself too.
As you would expect though, not everything is smooth sailing and her ex had done a real number on her not just physically but moreover emotionally and unfortunately for her…he wasn’t done yet. But he had more than just Sidney to contend with when he turned up, because no matter what his plan was, there was more than just Xavier, Tyce and Noah, ready to step up to the plate to fight for her, she had a town that was willing to rally to her aid …the only questions was; were their efforts all in vain?
I thought the book read well, the pace was at times a little on the speedy side but that didn’t deter me. I liked the guys, although at times I just couldn’t help but wonder…. how? Well written this was a short read that allowed me to indulge in a situation that I had not encountered before and learning something new is never a bad thing, so for that, I would say this comes recommended.

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