Baby Daddy

by Nelle L'Amour

Super Slick, Super Funny, Super Sexy …in fact just down right Super!

This covers all the feels with a blanket that you will just want to stay under for so much longer than it takes to read the book, I felt totally encapsulated, so much so that when I flipped past the end, I was sorely tempted to start it all over again, this was adorable.

I laughed and cried – although I will leave it up to you to determine which was the most prevalent but I hold my hands up and admit that this was so much more than I anticipated. It has an unequivocal steaminess about it that was just perfect for not only the story but more importantly the characters and boy, what fantastic characters there were.

Drake…I kid you not, for a guy had been none too shy about his bodily donations whilst he was in college and had no doubt helped create a slew of much loved children, well, he was probably the most anti-child person you would every want to meet. Not that he didn’t like kids, he was just certain that they played no part in his life…think again buster!

Because all it takes is one special woman, and when he meets Dee, it is clear to see that she is just the woman to have him breaking all his own rules, most importantly the one to never get involved with a woman who has a kid…because once he is introduced to her gorgeous little girl Tyson, he is totally smitten. The bond between him and her is almost instantiations. They were fabulous together and added a whole new level to what was going on between Drake and Dee…I think it was plain to see that his life was about to change completely.

This was a love story – a very funny love story, a tale of finding the person or persons that make your life complete no matter what pre-conceived notions you have and never looking back

No-one can predict the future and Drake could have never foreseen or predicted how his adult self would feel in the situation he finds himself in and I for one had my fingers crossed that it would work out in the end.

Did it?

Well that is something you will discover when you read it for yourself but I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

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