The Ballad by Ashley Pullo

Sometimes, just sometimes it takes a simply action to catapult something straight out of the ball park and Ashley Pullo  obviously did just that when she first determined how she wanted to portray the characters in this book, because starting at the end and working backwards was an absolute stroke of genius !

The story is beautifully told, richly descriptive and completely engaging.

Each chapter a chance to regress with Chloe and Adam, to the most pivotal points in their lives, the ones that brought them together and has given them the life that they have now.

Chloe is like a thousand women before her, talented, happy go lucky and determined to live her life to the full.

Life is what you make of the events that happen to you on your journey and with Chloe, I could have been reading a diary of any friend that I have, she was just that down to earth – I loved her.

Adam was Chloe’s strength and protector. His love for her was so complete it was beautiful to read. The man was everything that I would look for in a hero and to Chloe he most definitely was her hero. He loved her implicitly and without expectation. The connection between the two of them was just magnificent (oh and did I forget to say it was seriously hot!)

The Ballad will sing to you, it will carry along on its lilting tune and deposit you smiling and replete at the end.

This is a rare find, a book that is as honest as it is reverent.