Sexy Dare

by Carly Phillips

This was a fun and flirty read that I was quickly able to fly through.

I loved both Faith and Jason, they both brought so much to the story that I was rooting for them from very early on. I liked that Faith was a tough cookie, she had been through so much but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t willing to fight for what she wanted, refusing to cow tail to anyone anymore. Her family may have meant well, but she had to step out of the bleakness and she wasn’t about to hang around at let her brother dictate what she could or should do any longer and I was whooping when she upped sticks, packed her life up and moved to New York. She was a determined woman that had a plan and was willing to do what it took to get it, so when she opened her business, I couldn’t help but smile because I loved that she was owning her own destiny, top woman!!

Jason wasn’t just not looking for love at the time they met, he genuinely never thought it was going to feature anywhere in his life and he was Ok with that, or so it seemed…right up until he is face to face with Faith and her flat tire! Haunted by his own demons, he was ill prepared for the chemistry that was so evident between the two of them it totally threw him through a loop but he wasn’t naïve, he knew straight off the bat that this woman was important to him or at least she would be and he was totally captivated. I loved the sense of protectiveness that he portrayed; he was every inch the man Faith needed…even if it did take him a little while to finally see what was right in front of him. His heart and head took a while to catch up.


Topic: Sexy Dare by Carly Phillips

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