Finding Home (Roped by the Cowboy Duet, 1)

by J.C. Valentine

Vivian has a perfect life, or so she thinks but all that changes when the rug from under her and she finds herself face to face with divorce. Life as she knew it was over almost instantly and she was facing a future that she would never have contemplated. She packs everything she can into her car and takes off, in search of not just a new normal but also to find herself in amongst that chaos.

She eventually ends up in probably the last place she would have ever thought possible, a little country town that despite her reticence seems more than happy to add her to their ranks...or at least most of them do!

It wouldn't be a great JC Valentine novel if it didn't have a barrel full of angst and in this story, the angst comes all wrapped up in a handsomely stubborn, yet devilishly sexy package that was all topped of with the ubiquitous cowboy hat!

Vivian and Nash appeared to be polar opposites but when the truth be told they were more alike than either of them would have like to admit. Vivian couldn't help but think that Nash was a grumpy a$$ but that didn't mean that she was getting the whole picture, because it didn't take long for it to become clear that there was a lot more to him that she gave him credit for.

Could they give each other the time to get to know what really makes them tick or will life get in the way?

Well, let's just say that when life does catch up with Vivian it does its darndest to make sure that she is totally sideswiped, can she find her feet again? and will Nash be the guy to stand by her as she does?

I liked both Nash and Vivian, there was an honesty to the pair of them, neither of them was on the market for a partner but that doesn't mean that they didn't need one. I loved the way they both fought the inevitable.

With this being part one of the duet, I can only say that I cannot wait until I get the rest of the story because this was pure JC Valentine magic.

Topic: Roped by the Cowboy Duet, 1 by J.C. Valentine

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