Club Prive French Connection Vol.1 By M.S Parker


If you loved the first Club Prive series then, hold on to your hats because you are going to hyperventilate at this the first instalment of Club Prive: French Connection, it is amazing.

The author grabs your attention from the first paragraph and right until the end she hangs on to you nice and tight!

Gavin and Carrie are back from the first series but this time they are experiencing all the ups and downs that go with relationships.

The story gallops along at a fair pace, barely taking a pause for you to catch you breath but I like that because it kept my attention and made me keen to turn the pages.

Life has them down a rocky road, the nature of their professions mean that time together is scarce.

Carrie is passionate about her work with the victims of sex crimes and Gavin is up to his eyes with the club renovations, but when they are offered an unbelievable opportunity of a new start in France, they know that they would be fools to turn it down.

This is their chance to put themselves front and centre and to readdress the balance that they need in their relationship. It is just a shame that other forces seem to be at play and others appear to have plans to keep them apart.

France was a real turn up for the books, for me, it had my mind bouncing around and my imagination running wild.

I was surprised with the cliffhanger ending, not because the story had one, more that it came as no great surprise but  I have to say that did not detract me, because I cannot wait to read the next instalment.