by Erin Trejo

I read book one and enjoyed it so couldn’t wait to get stuck in to the second book but I was a little apprehensive on where the guys from the Soulless Bastards MC were going to take me. I shouldn’t have worried because in this with Mayhem at the helm, I was in MC heaven.
In true dictionary definition, Mayhem was everything you would expect from a guy that has been blessed by his brothers with being thoroughly deserving of the moniker.
Mayhem, is not a good guy, quite rightly so as the case would be but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a chink in his armour, it just hasn’t been uncovered yet…but give it time!
Hired by Taylors dad to look after her, Mayhem isn’t your average security detail, but then again Taylor isn’t the woman that she appears to be on the surface, life for her has been far from ordinary and with Mayhem by her side, it doesn’t look like anything is about to change soon.
But what can this pair find in common? Probably a darn site more than anyone would or could have ever imagined.
Full to the brim with angst and attitude, this was a feisty read that was action packed, although I must admit there were occasions when I had to take a second look at some of the details because I couldn’t reconcile what was on the page.

Overall a good addition to the series.



Topic: Mayhem by Erin Trejo

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