Memphis Black by MJ Fields


Hooked on a bad boy…check



Well…what more am I looking for… the answer is very simple, very little because Memphis Black has all of the above and more!

I love a good rock star book, it is so far from anything I am ever likely to experience that it is the epitome of complete and utter fantasy and Memphis Black had me hooked very early on.

I won’t say straight away because he took a little getting used to but when I warmed up to him, he was everything I would have written for myself.

The story centres on Memphis and the guys in the band – honestly though you need to read the book to get the meaning of their name from them and them alone, it had me chuckling by ass off.

The guys in the band are eclectic – I think that is the most honest way I can describe them but they’re all worthy of your time and I hope that we get to know each and every one of them much better in the future but this was Memphis’s tale to tell and he dished up a doozy.

Tallia, has known Memphis since they were kids, she is best friends with his sister Madison but when she rocks up in Florida to spend some time with Madison, but she is left alone with the guys when Madison’s flight is cancelled.

Memphis is taken aback by the now fully grown woman that stands before him, no longer the little girl that he knew – she filled her curves and then some, so keeping the other guys in check is going to take all his time and effort.. a full time job all on its own.

Their meeting and initial instigations were so sweet, they were both more than a little reluctant to act on what they were feeling but heck once that flame was turned up from  flicker and the heat factor was full force – it was scorching!

They take the opportunity they have to finally have what they longed for as adolescents, to take the next step but as I suppose I should have expected, there are skeletons to come out of the woodwork that are set to not only test them but try to tear them apart, keeping what they have is going to take an extraordinary amount of time and effort – I just hope that they can see that they’re worth it.

Loved the book, loved Memphis, Tallia took me a little longer but she came well in the end.

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