The Ultimate Sin

by Jillian Quinn

Are you ready to join the Gia and Angelo crazy train for the second instalment in this astonishing series?
Yes, I hear you cry and rightly so because if like me you have been gaging to get your hands on this book two, then the only question is where to hide out until you finished it! I hid in my car at lunchtime to pour over it, barely making it through the morning after a sneaky morning read prior to starting work…big mistake!
Anyway, as you might have guessed, I loved this, the first book is not an optional extra here ladies…you have to read it!!! So assuming that you have I will only say that you will be hanging on every word in this book, desperate to see what the author has in store for this pair.
Gia’s situation is what can only be described as precarious, she is with the people who have the potential to keep her away from everything she holds dear, her family and of course Angelo. But getting back to where she needs to be is made all the more complicated by the aggravation that surrounds their families. Nothing about the fact that their relatives despise each other is ever going to make their lives easy but Angelo is stuck between a rock and a hard place facing up to the fact that in order to save his woman, he may very well isolate himself from his family.
Is that a risk he is willing to take?
Well, he may never know because it is astonishing just how far both sides are prepared to go in order to keep the lovebirds apart. Honestly, they had the world against them, everything standing in their way and every obstacle to overcome…I have my fingers crossed for them for most of the read.
The secrets and lies come thick and fast, so keep your wits about you…don’t let them get you too!

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