by Laurelin Paige

OMG, if ever there was a title that hit the nail on the head then this is it, these guys blew me away!!!!

A short snippy little prequel this has more that whetted my appetite because darn!!! This was fabulous.

Donovan Kincaid and Weston King are friends but there is a little something added into their mix when freshman Sabrina Lind finds herself torn between her feelings for the two of them.

Weston is everything that any normal woman would want, handsome, rich and when it comes to charm, he can turn it on like a tap but there is something pulling her towards Donovan that she just doesn’t seem to be able to deny.

Which way is she going to jump?

Well that is something I just can’t tell you, but suffice to say that with the next story picking up a decade later and the three of them facing another decision, I cannot wait to get my hands on Dirty Filthy Rich Men!!!!!

Topic: DIRTY FILTHY RICH BOYS by Laurelin Paige

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