Sexiest Couple Alive

by M Clarke


So as if having the sexiest man alive to deal with now we are handed the sexiest coupel and I was chomping at the bit for this one, because I loved book one and had high hopes for the follow on.

Nathan has hit the ground running and his career is on the up, he has finally started to see light at the end of the Olivia clouded tunnel and has even started to spend time with someone else, but the spectre of Olivia is never far away and when she lands a contract with the same company as he works for, there may just be no avoiding her or heartache.

Now, I didn’t actually know that I wanted Olivia to have any further influence on Nathan, I didn’t see the who second bite of the cherry thing working for the two of them and I besides that I actually liked the woman eh was seeing but having Olivia around stirs up more than either of them need and his relationship begins to take an hit.

I suppose my reticence was because I actually found Olivia not exactly difficult but there was just something that had me erring on the side of caution with her, she rubbed me up the wrong way or perhaps I was just too emotionally attached to Nathan.

Either way, I was e=intrigued to see where their story was heading, would they find a way to a happy ever after, could they forgive and forget? Well when it comes to love, you never know?

While I liked the book, I think I may fall into the minority in the fact that I preferred book one but that is not to say that this wasn’t a super read, it was. So please find some time to spend with the two of them and keep your fingers crossed that they get the future they deserve.

Topic: Sexiest Couple Alive by M Clarke

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