One to Keep by Tia Louise

One to Keep by Tia Louise

Book 2 in the One to Hold Series


Unfortunately I was engrossed in the book by the time I realised that it was book two of the series – I suppose that is what you get for not paying attention to the blurb. But I can say that it did not distract me from the story so I suppose I was lucky.

The story is about Patrick Knight and his life following his decision to take up the position vacated by his brother with Alexander & Knight Private Investigations. It is also told completely from Patrick’s point of view which I loved.

After finding his fiancé in a compromising situation with a neighbour – Patrick is determined to get out of town and the opportunity to become the new Knight in Alexander & Knight partnership is the answer to his problem.

Resolute in his belief that he can steer clear of love, he seems to be trying to convince himself that he can be a love them and leave them type of guy – more fool him. He learns pretty fast that thinking with his “little Patrick” is not the answer to his problems – and having created a bit of a situation in the office, Derek (the Alexander part of the firm) packs him off to Arizona.

Surely he can behave himself in the desert.

All work and no play makes Patrick a very unhappy man but he has set himself the task that he will focus on nothing but work while he is in Scottsdale. A promise he can keep – I think not because he happens upon Ms Elaine Merritt while he is there and all bets are off.

Patrick’s attraction to Elaine is instant, something is inside is being none too subtle in letting him know that this pretty little blonde is here to stay – if he plays his cards right.

Their time together in Scottsdale is short but electric and when the time comes to say goodbye Patrick isn’t ready to let her go but Elaine isn’t willing to commit to a long distance relationship – so with what appears to be no middle ground and no more time, the two part company.

Time, proves one thing- they simply cannot stay away from each other, the pull is too great and they decide to give in to what is happening between the pair of them and try to make a relationship that will work.

Patrick vows that he will do anything to keep her and he just has to make sure that she knows, that she is the most important thing in his life and that nothing will come between them. Famous last words I hear you say!

His plan may have been all good in theory and just when the future looks decidedly rosy, a past indiscretion comes back to throw the mother of all spanners in the works.

Standing up to be counted, Patrick does the right thing but it may just cost him the love of his life.

Bereft without Elaine, Patrick again throws himself into work but he knows in his heart that she is his and that he can’t stay away – but he is loathed to force the situation, so plays the waiting game – well for as long as he can anyway. Elaine has taken time to try and come to terms with the situation but none of it really matters because she can’t live her life without him in it. If they can survive this then they will be able to survive anything.

The ending was fitting and enough to force a sigh from even the hardest of hearts – this pair definitely deserved their epilogue.

A quick, light read that was enough to hold my interest and invest my time. Will go back and read book one now.