Scorch by KT Fisher

Life is tough for Crystal, marriage to Troy isn’t everything that she thought it would be when they exchanged their vows. She has suffered at Troy’s hands for far too long and even when she eventually makes her move to escape, Troy is able to find her.

I understood why Crystal kept her family details away from Troy, after all when he starts to put pressure on her and even goes as far as to actually threaten her life, I think I would have wanted to keep that a** as far away from my nearest and dearest too. He was a complete fruit loop!

But Troy may think he has her right where he wants her but he hadn’t banked on one thing…or should I say one man…he didn’t know about Booker!

Booker is the drummer with Black Inferno and while he might be best mates with Crystal’s brother, there is more to the connection than that because Crystal is important to him, they have a past that lies quietly beneath the surface but which means that there is not a hope in h*ll that he is going to sit back and do nothing once he becomes aware of her situation.

Crystal doesn’t want what they once had to play a part in either of their lives now and true to form she has fought so hard to keep their private life to herself but once Troy is in the frame, she has no option but to lay her cards on the table because Troy’s presence blows the lid off everything and she is left with no option but to let everyone in on all her secrets.

Now Crystal is a complicated woman but I sort of got why, her past was complicated and intensely private and because of that she was emotionally guarded but following her experiences with Troy it was going to take a strong man to show her that not everyone was the same.

I applaud the author for the tempo of the story but I would have liked a little more of the two of them, I think they had a lot more left in their seriously sexy tank. But what I did get was the depth of feeling on both parts, they were so connected that their outcome was almost predestined, they just took their own path to the finish line.

The book was littered with some perfectly placed humour and more than a few twists and turns that were difficult to predict.

A story that while it was easily dispatched in just one sitting, it certainly left a positive impression.

Topic: Scorch by KT Fisher

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