Possessed Part 2

by Coco Cadence



Leo King has a lot to make up for and Sam is no mood to listen.

Feeling foolish for allowing herself to think that a man like Leo could ever have feelings for her and ashamed that she slept with a married man, Sam has high tailed it back to the city and into the arms of her best friend, a woman can always rely on her bestie to make her feel better about the car crash that is her life, or of she can't she can at least take her shopping to help spend his money.

Nothing helps and Sam turns to her online alpha Mr Awesome to take her mind of the shitstorm that Leo has turned her life into. He will always help to take away her woes and to give her what she needs.

The relationship betweeen the two onlinelovers is not as onesided as it at first seemed, Sam gets as much from obeying his instructions as he does issuing them and she is always eager to insure that she complies.

Giving Leo the opportunity to explain what happened at the hotel and what the situation is between him and his "wife", Sam is more confused than she was originally because his explanation whilst not ideal is plausable and he is not shy at telling her that despite the whoel sorry mess and his personal situation, the only thing he regrets is that he has lost his chance with Sam, seems he really does care for her.

When Sam over hears an arguement between Leo and his wife in her favourite coffee shop, she is left dumbfounded especially when she hears him admit that he feels that she only turned up at the hotel in order to make sure that Leo's happiness and any chance he may have had with Sam would be thwarted. Should this make her happy, probably not but it is just the confirmation that Sam needs to hear and to give her hope that one day maybe, just maybe she will be able to trust Leo.

Late for her online appointment with Mr Awesome, he punishes her by refusing to allow her to achieve fullfillment but instead orders her to go out, have fun and to contact him again after midnight. With her best friend otherwise occupied, she ends up drinking at a bar and eventually she heads home with the one man she never wanted to be with again- Leo.

The two of them are electric together the pull is just too strong but regret the morning after means that she does what she does best and walks away again, one little problem though- she has left her phone behind.

Taking control of her life is now her primary concern and the cold light of day makes her realise that her relationship with Mr Awesome is not what she needs, she needs a man that will hold her, love her and be there for her just as Leo had done the night previously - she needs someone tangible not at the end of the telephone.

She resolves to contact Mr Awesome and since she has no mobile phone she emails him to tell him it is over.

No sooner has she pushed send than there is a knock at the door and she is face to face with the formidable Mr King again, only this time he has more revelations up his sleeve and Sam may just have her resolution.

A great, quick short read that could quite easily make one fabulous full length novel but in this format is the perfect lunchtime read.