Watch Me Follow

by Harloe Rae

There was a depth to this story that I didn’t see coming, Ryker’s back story, his history blew me away, I didn’t know what to think or where to get the tissues from, my heart broke for him, I didn’t know what and how to feel about what he had been through and I believe that left to my own devices my enjoyment of this book may have waned somewhat but the author didn’t abandon me to my sensitivities, nope she gentle guided my soul as she showed that as much as I felt bruised for Ryker, I needed to embrace the fact that no matter his past, he loved Lennon with a passion that was almost immeasurable.

Lennon…what a beautiful, emotionally sensitive young woman, I could fully understand why Ryker felt the way he did towards her, her naivety and naturally shy demeanour were not just delightful but also the things that made her vulnerable and from practically the first time the met the connection that existed between them had only one place to go…up!

They were engaging, no in fact I don’t think that actually does them justice, they were captivating. I found that I couldn’t wait to read what happened next, I desperately wanted to spend time with the two of them watching and listening to how they grew.

As they opened up and they began to understand not only themselves but what they meant to each other, I could have applauded the growth that they both showed, the fact that with Ryker by her side Lennon found her inner strength, the fortitude almost to be the woman that had been hidden inside for so long, the woman that refused to just be walked over anymore and the woman that her parents had held her back from being…emotionally free she was capable of greatness.

A great read, an emotional read, a fantastically well written story that I have no doubt I will revisit again very, very soon.

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