Dex by Stephanie Witter

That wasn’t at all what I expected!

Or should I say that Dex wasn’t at all what I expected, this moody front man seems to live with the weight of expectation on his shoulders and neither he nor it are a bundle of laughs.

Life really is a pain in the a** if you are in Dex’s periphery.

Harley is a media guru, a super blogger that is hired to help Dex and the band interact with the public in a more direct and hands on way. But is twitter actually something this aloof rock god is willing to embrace…yeh what do you think!

I loved the dynamic of the band and the fact that the guys are all aware of the fact that Dex isn’t “normal” front man fodder, and that they care enough not to push his boundaries. They protect his idiosyncrasies because without him they have a problem, they have no band.

Harley is given the impossible task of trying to get past the grunting and bring the band into the digital age, to show the world of social media exactly who Kinky Shine are, but is it a truth that the guys, or namely Dex is willing to share?

Now as first meetings go, it is safe to say that it wasn’t a good one, heck it wasn’t even remotely passable as being civil – Dex was is usual direct self and had it been me he may have been his usual deceased self! Arrogant sod! But then again as the story unfolds, the reason why he is the way he is comes to light and the truth, his truth is heartbreaking,I could have kicked myself for feeling that way about him.

Their story wasn’t easy but it was complete, it took on a life of its own and was intensely private and sweet.

So much better than many band based books that are around, this took the whole field and flipped them the bird, showing that sometimes good things come in grumpy but loveable packages!

Topic: Dex by Stephanie Witter

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