Just One Regret by Stacy Lynn

Right, I promise that I am not under any circumstances going to give anything away – it will kill me not to tell you some of the juicy titbits that this fantastic book has to offer but I am 100% certain that you need to read this for yourself.

The book is about Kennedy and Grayson and it follows them for much of their lives, starting early on.

They had very little when they were kids but they had each other but things change and it so did they, eventually losing touch.

Grayson stepped into the big bad world and rocked it to its core, he took everything the world had to give and dished it back tenfold, reaching heights that he could never have imagined as a child.

Kennedy settled for living what would have normally been considered an average life. Doing what we all do, dealing with the hurdles that life throws at you and making good with what you have and living with opportunities missed but life choices accepted.

I got the book, I understood the decisions that were made and I felt for the pair of them, but when the secrets that they both had surfaced and the intensity between them reached fever pitch I was a blubbering mess.

It is difficult to put into words the depth to which I had to delve in order to finish what I have to say was a sensationally emotional book. I was so angry at what they were having to deal with but I also saw that through this they were gradually being brought back together.

But could and would they survive or was this reunion destined to be short lived?

That my friend you will have to find out for yourself.

I liked both Grayson and Kennedy and between them I would be unable to select a favourite character, they were strong and resourceful but more than that they were realistic.

Oh, by the way – a word of warning – watch out for the ending – took my breath away!


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