Filthy Foreign Exchange by SE Hall and Angela Graham

Heads Up ladies, this is not a standalone, there is more to come…albeit soon!

Echo is, missing her brother Sebastian now he is on exchange in the UK but he has been replaced by the glorious Kingston and Echo’s sheltered, almost reclusive life is about to get blown to pieces.

Now I don’t mean that Each hides away, no she is as normal as you could possibly be but she was happy in her own company so the normal attractions of your teenage years were almost met with a non plus reaction…she really couldn’t be bothered.

I loved the fact that Echo and her family were involved in the Aerial Industry something that I had no idea even existed as a standalone profession, but the descriptive tones used by the authors brought the whole thing to life beautifully for me and I really could imagine Echo performing effortlessly, especially when she was out practising on her own.

Sebastian’s departure was one that came about rather quickly and it takes to almost the last few chapters of the book before we get to know why and I was surprised, that was a twist well hidden,

Kingston is from privilege but it is one that he hasn’t really appreciated and his father considered that an exchange was probably a good way to force him to perhaps calm down but Kingston isn’t all that he appears and he certainly isn’t at all what Echo thinks he is.

Kingston is able to push Echo’s buttons with consummate ease but will she react or will she continue to fight her battle to remain unaffected, and what she wouldn’t give to realise that it is not a fight she is undertaking on her own. Kingston never imagined that he would meet someone like Echo but with her father’s strict rules ringing in is ears, he knows that she is off limits.

I love the exchange of message son the mirrors each morning, the flirty but cheeky text messages, the scoring of fawning females and the who bond that they have going on but will they find a way to actually be together or are the destined to always be at opposites of the same door?

I loved this book, the fact that it was told from both points of view, the English banter and attitude and as I scooted my way toward the end, I was beginning to panic because it wasn’t going how I had mapped out in my head, I now know why and I am delighted that I get to join this pair again shortly!

Topic: Filthy Foreign Exchange by SE Hall and Angela Graham

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