I was caught off-guard with this on more than one occasion and not always in a good way, whilst I liked the main characters Kaiti and Gavin, some of the situations and connections with the secondary characters left me scratching my head as to what value they added to the story. I won’t say that this stinted my enjoyment but it did make me stop and think, so maybe that was a good thing.

Kaiti is happy with her life, it’s taken her a while to get to a position where she can leave her past behind her and actually move on. Life as a kid was tough and the remnants of that childhood has bled through into her very soul but with her bestie by her side she is making the best of what she has.

But all that takes a hit when she is approached by a TV producer who wants her to appear on his show…despite her protestations and out right refusal, he doesn’t seem to be willing to take no for an answer and decides to pull out all the stops and get the star of the show to approach Kaiti himself…and when he does…boom all bets are off!

Gavin thought it would be a quick favour, flash a smile and get this nobody to come in and audition, but it was far from it, because auditioning for the show seriously slipped down his list of priorities once he had seen her. There was something instant between them and that held much more interest.

When she eventually sees things his way and gets the part on the show, how long would it take for him to convince her that what they have can easily be transferred off screen too?

I thought the story in general was good, I liked the connection between Gavin and Kaiti and found myself rooting for the pair of them. I thought the pace ebbed and flowed somewhat but the connection between them kept me engaged. It was just some of the peripherals that lost me a little along the way.


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