Love's Wicked Ways

by LB Russell & Cheri Marie

This ticked every box I was looking for and some I wasn’t, there was so much going on that I will give you a little heads up…pay attention this one is as sharp as a tack!

There were so many twists and turns that it had me glued to the screen of my kindle wondering what the heck was going to happen next.

It was impossible not to love Colin, honestly the guy was phenomenal, yep he was whole lot of alpha but he tempered that with a sensitivity that spoke volumes as to the true nature of the man.

Skye and Colin were partners in a professional capacity but could they be anything more, Colin cared for Skye and was more than willing to protect her at any cause but was that because there was more lying under the surface than he was willing to admit and more to the point how did Skye really feel?

Eventually they were going to have to face up to what was bubbling under the surface between the two of them but with the danger that was whirring around them and a killer to catch, could they have picked a worse time or would their feeling win through?

This was a story about a love that had laid dormant and neglected for far too long and that despite the timing wasn’t willing to go unrequited any longer. This was a love that was ready to be fought for!

But before I go I have one more heads up for you, I thought I had the killer worked out, after all I paid attention, read every word, didn’t skip a single paragraph but NOPE, totally got it wrong!

Topic: Love's Wicked Ways by LB Russell & Cheri Marie

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