by Kelly Collins


Again I could wax lyrical about this author’s ability to weave her magic in words and you would be well placed to heed my ministrations because Kelly Collins has this genre banged to right!

Following hot on the heels of the first two books in the series, Whipped is the tale if Roxy and Bobby.

Poles apart in every sense of the word, these two come from opposite ends of the social spectrum. Roxy wanted for nothing growing up, materialist parents showered her with everything a young girl could have possibly dreamt of – except for the one thing she really wanted – the love of her parents and the withdrawal of the expectation of status.

First opportunity she got she left it all behind and set out to find the real Roxy, the woman that she wanted to be all along, not the moulded creation her parents had desired. But striking out on her own is not completely what she had anticipated and she is lucky to survive when things take a turn for the dangerous!

Bobby had everything that Roxy didn’t, he may have never known what it was like to have no financial worries but he has always know that he is loved. He has a fabulous family, one that he can garner the support that he needs because losing Roxy was devastating for him.

But now she is back he has the chance to show her that she is where she belongs and that he has no intention of ever letting her leave him again,

I loved his fortitude he was such a charming, witty and positive. He was just what Roxy needed to ground her and to show her that the reality of her life now, away from her parents and their wealth could be more fulfilling that she could have ever dreamt.

The book does exactly what I thought it would, it gave me the words and allowed me to create the illustrations- I love this series and I absolutely love this author and her writing style – I have my fingers crossed that there is more to come!