Bottom Line

by Chelsea Camaron

This is an author that certainly knows how to round off a series and I must say that she couldn’t have handled it any better – Trapper and Avery were the real deal and by leaving their story until the end the author was able to dish up something that will not be easily forgotten.

Don’t worry this review will be spoiler free, after all if you have got this far you don’t need me to tell you how marvellous the series has been to date, and I am sure that you have been probably dying to get your hands on this for longer than you will care to admit.

I wondered just how the author would pitch Trapper and Avery, but I had no inkling that their story would be quite as heart-breaking as it was. But as touching as it was my underlying emotion was that the felt honest, yes, their story was gritty, it needed to be. Some might say that there was a sordid element to them almost and in some respects, that was true but that did not diminish the depth of feeling that the author was able to plough into them both…they were fully loaded!!

The vice like grip that the story held over me was more than I had imagined it would have but that was because reading what they were going through, had me cultivating all sort of scenarios in my head, but the joke was on me because try as I might I now know that whatever picture I was painting (and quite vividly I can tell you) I would have never realised the author direction, no matter how long I was given. I was totally blown out of the water!!!!

I loved watching the evolution of Trapper from young boy to man and …oh boy what a man he is!

But be in no doubt that Trapper is not a man to be taken lightly, but in my opinion his biggest enemy was himself…so, enjoy the journey with him as he fights for everything he has ever wanted.

With regards to Avery, well I will leave you to discover the beauty her for yourself because this is a woman that with the deftest of grips is holding on to her man as best she can. The only question was …could she keep him?

Relentless in its pursuit of a storyline that deserved them both, this was a tale of characters that had to learn the meaning of not only forgiveness but also love…in it most undiluted form.

The Devils Due MC…one of the very best!!!!

Topic: Bottom Line by Chelsea Camaron

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