Tracker's End by Chantal Fernando

Tracker… man, oh man.

Unwilling to be just another notch on the bedpost, Lana is living a life of purgatory. Wanting Tracker with everything she has but watching the ever revolving door of women that he spends his time with.

Tracker is just as keen on Lana as she is on him, but this badass biker is not about to change his ways for any woman, or so he thinks, so until he wakes up and smells the obvious, she is strictly off limits- self-imposed segregation as you might say.

His list of conquest may be a long one but that doesn’t mean anything at all, as far as he is concerned his needs require no definition – they are what they are!

But then again I don’t blame them, I mean what is there not to like when the man stands tall, beautifully adored with not only some staggering artwork but some strategically placed metalwork. His jewellery definitely keeps the women beating a path to his door, I‘d be in that queue too I think!

But when Lana takes a job with Sin and Faye, Tracker’s focus has to shift fairly quickly because now he has an internal battle that if he is honest he knows he cannot win, because on his turf, every single day, he knows that he’s going to be to ignore her or and he sure as hell ain’t about to sit back and watch any of his brothers making a move.

She will be his… of that he has absolutely no doubt.

I loved Tracker, the thought process, the determination, the attitude and all things Alpha but I also loved Lana, the fact that she valued herself, she stood her ground and wasn’t prepared to play second fiddle. She wanted to matter and most of all she wanted to matter to Tracker.

The spark between them is one that cannot be extinguished, so fighting it is pointless but Lana didn’t get that memo obviously and I had to wonder just what she thought she was doing, as for Tracker, his antics brought a smile to my face because once he got her, he was all in and there was no doubt on where this relationship was heading.

One down point was the way Tracker reacted to the secret life that Lana had going on, he was seriously not cool – I could have easily bashed in around the head with a broom! He was such a jerk to her and it was so uncalled for. I loved her secret, the fact that he had something for herself and I laughed my butt off when she told her friend Anna, it was hysterical.

Overall I was super happy with them as a couple they just seemed to work.

They suited each other and while they took their time getting to where I wanted them to be, I was also sort of glad because I found the build-up was half the fun.

A great read, super characters and a slick humorous, well told story.