December Rain by A L Goulden

Dear lord, there is enough angst and emotion in this book to soften even the blackest of hearts, taking a deep breath is not an option with this it is a necessity because once you hop on this train, you will be spend your time screaming at Monica that both she and you need to take a break!

The woman is a verging on neurotic, she holds herself responsible for every single thing that happens in her life, and be it good, bad or indifferent.

I mean, come on woman, cut yourself some slack!

I got that she and her husband were both still harbouring unresolved feelings after they had both been playing the field but either move on or move out!

But that dilemma is quickly resolved when they are confronted on holiday by the sudden appearance of a major catalyst in their relationship, Quinn.

One look between Monica and Quinn and it is blatantly obvious to Alex that his marriage is over and decides to moves out.

But good intensions and a bucket load of alcohol mean that Monica’s fall from grace is complete when her friends turn their back on her and she wakes up on Quinn’s couch with the mother of all hangovers.

Quinn and Monica have something that is difficult to label, it is basic and completely absorbing. Oh, and did I forget to say smoking hot!!

But Quinn wants his relationship with Monica to go the distance, everything with Quinn is not as Monica believes because he has a secret that he has yet to tell her, and time is not on his side because she discovers it on her own, and is then faced with the dilemma of whether or not she can see past is omission?

Can she learn to let go of her hang up and admit that he is human and made a mistake trying to hide it from her?

Although the book ended with a cliff-hanger, I am looking forward to the next book and the continuation of the story.