by Stylo Fantôme

If you ever think you have worked out just how Stylo Fantôme mind works, can you please let me know because this brought more to the page than I could have ever thought possible.

I thought I had read it all when I finished Church, I was blow away by the intensity and nature of just what had unfolded but with this …I was a fool because whilst Church held my attention…Preach laid down the gauntlet, it was if the book was daring me to look away, urging me to try and guess what was going to happen and laughing at the mere thought of me actually trying, this wasn’t just good it was exemplary.

The method used, the characterisation and the development of Church and Emma would have brought me to my knees if I could have found the strength to rise, I was glued to my seat, hostage to their story and defying my need to sleep in my desire to read every last word.

Whilst it is undeniable that these were two very broken individuals, what was also undeniable was the fact that it was just how broken that in turn made them work, gave their situation credence and gave the pair of them the strength they needed to be who they truly were.

If you are looking for a sociopath who you will actually start to care about, then I would say look no further because Church is all that and so much more!


Topic: Preach. by Stylo Fantôme

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