by Meghan March

Steel yourselves ladies because as much as you really, really shouldn’t like the force of nature that is Lachlan Mount, you will do a darn sight more than that because this guy is seriously hazardous to health!

I thought as the book started that I had found my bad guy and in in all that is probably holy and sane I had but darn it I thought he was the bomb! He was everything a good mother tells her daughter to avoid and then some but avoidance is not an option, the author’s characterisation of him meant that I was totally entangled in his web and I am totally and utterly hooked…simply sensational!

The connection between him and Keira set not only my kindle but my imagination on fire, they were out of this world, the heat that the pair of them generated was scorching and the places that my mind wandered towards, well I think I may plead the fifth on that!

With no holds barred this was everything you could possibly want and a bucket load that you didn’t know you could even imagine. Possibilities were endless, descriptions were fantastic and characterisation was nothing short of pure genius.

With this the first part of the series, I think I may need a lie down in a dark room for a couple of days prior to the next book…in preparation because after the end of this one it is going to be nothing short of explosive!

Topic: RUTHLESS KING by Meghan March

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