Forgotten by Rachel Madbury

Having read the first two books in the series, reading this wasn’t just a want…it was a need.

And you will need to read them too because this book stands tall within the series, it is not a standalone! You cannot afford to miss out on one single iota of information, every piece is perfectly fitted together, each piece of the action is critical to the story and without the history you will find some of the details just floating past and there is no way that you will want that to happen. Give yourself the opportunity to indulge!

This book starts off more of less from where book two finished (see what I mean about having to read the previous book). Grace is facing a future that has just gone up in smoke but will she be facing it alone?

Well what do you think? Would be a pretty short story if the main protagonist (and yes I do mean Alexander) didn’t get to give everyone the run around in his own inimitable fashion. To some Alexander could really be described as an acquired taste and half way into this he was beginning to grate on me, I think I was looking for  a little more from him but he seemed so set in his ways…I could have given him a darn good shake. I wanted him to let go a little, to unleash the secrets that he has held so tight and to finally cut himself some slack.

I like the situation that is bubbling along with Chloe and Sarah, it was an interesting inclusion in the story and brought a definite “Awww” moment from me as their story progressed throughout the book.

But the star of the show was Grace, she lit up the page and I love the fact that she just seems to go from strength to strength, using her experiences to grow and develop and to refuse to be beaten down, Grace hasn’t had it easy and being in love with Alexander may be the type of love that consumes her every waking moment but she needs to keep her wits about her because trouble hasn’t done with either of them yet. Getting to know more about her mother and her past was torturous, I felt almost as if what her mother had been through was like a wound that continued to seep a dark inky murk into their lives, to muddy their waters and taint everything around them.

I love the way that Rachel Madbury is able to entice detail from each characters and to impart thoughtful reflection from each and every page and while the story isn’t quite over yet, I am intrigued to see where book 4 will take us, I think Grace and Alexander deserve their happy ever after, but I want to hear Alexander unleash his secrets, I want to see the plethora of superb secondary characters get the moment in the spotlight but most of all I want to close the final page of the last book, content in the knowledge that this journey that I am on with them has been worth it.

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