Million Baller Baby

by Rie Warren

This took its time to hit its stride but once it did, I have to say it wasn’t only the characters that were fabulous, the story flowed beautifully and the writing as just what I have come to expect from this author, absolutely on point!

Thrust into ownership of the Carolina Crush, following the sudden and unexpected death of her father, Payton Fox was a woman with a plan, and from the get-go this team was going to learn that she was a woman who says exactly what she has on her mind and they are going to have to get with the program pretty sharpish!

From her first visit with the team, she leaves them in no doubt that she is not willing to be a pushover, she wants her team to win and there is nothing she isn’t willing to do to ensure that turn their fortunes around.

But can she? And more to the point what does her being back at the club mean for Rafe Macintyre, the player and guy that she had an all too brief a fling with years before.

There is nothing not to love about Rafe, yep he had being an Alpha male bang to rights, but there was so much more to him that just that, he was a fantastic guy, with a heart of gold and a soul that was beautifully described by the author, she really brought him to life before my eyes.

Now, I got that Rafe wanted a second chance with Peyton although at times I failed so see why, she really had the ability to grate on my nerves without even trying, she seemed so decisive in some aspects of her life but when it came to Rafe and what she wanted or didn’t want with him, she seemed to change her mind like changing socks!

I understood that she had priorities but I wanted more for them both and that meant her opening up, revealing her secrets and finally giving them the opportunity that they both deserved.

The author pitched a book that was as spicy as it was endearing, it had both in equal measure and it was that mix that made the story totally engaging.

A great second chance romance that will have you totally engrossed from first to last page.

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