Kinda Don't Care

I’m a huge fan of the way that Ms Vale links her series, this the latest being a spin-off from the Hail Raisers and whilst it can be read as a standalone, I kinda think that you really need to have read the previous work in order to get the whole story. I mean there are references to events that were pivotal in the Hail Raisers series, that in my opinion, you will only understand the significance of if you fully understand what Rafe has been doing.
Rafe is a complicated, shaded man, ever elusive and shrouded in mystery, a man who likes to keep his cards very close to his chest, its how he has lived his life for so many years that change is not something he is ready to embrace or is he because there is one aspect of his past that whilst he may have been avoiding it for years…he can't avoid it any longer or should I say her!
Rafe has had feelings for Janie since she was of an age where those feelings were wholly inappropriate, a beautiful feisty young girl, daughter of his friend James, a man he had worked with long enough that he knew never to cross him.
And after keeping his distance for years, he is back and now that she is in her early twenties, it appears as if there is nothing standing in their way…or so you would think, considering that they both feel the same way. Janie is oblivious to the age difference, all she sees is the man that she has loved all her life, she is determined that she is not willing to wait any longer but just when it looks like they are heading in the right direction, fate deals them an almighty backhander and Rafe is involved in an accident that whilst it only comes close to claiming his life, it strips him of much more than that…his memory and that means it strips him of Janie.
I found her reluctance to try and help him remember a little odd but then again, she wasn’t the only woman that thought she had a claim on this elusive man, I hoped that in her heart she would have known that his heart belonged to her and that he would find his way back… but as much as he had an inkling that there was something between the two of them, he couldn’t quite piece it together in time to prevent her agreeing to marry another man.
Now, I was a tad miffed at this point, and I don’t often get narked at LLV’s character’s, but she knew that her heart wasn’t in her potential nuptials, so why bother???
But I should worry not because as you would expect, nothing is quite what it seems, and in true Lani Lynn Vale style there were a plethora of twists and turns yet to come.
Littered with some truly fantastic secondary characters, there was nothing not to like about this the first of this brand-new series.

Topic: Kinda Don't Care by Lani Lynn Vale

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