Under the Scrubs

by Katerina Baker

From the blurb I thought this had promise, it certain was enough to encourage me to open the first page and get started, but whilst I can’t say that the whole story was to my taste, I can say that I was prepared to finish it although at times it was touch and go…because the author didn’t make it easy to either get to know or like the characters.

Emilia was a doctor, who was generally all about the helping out, but at times I got the impression that her assistance was almost self-satisfying, she just couldn’t help herself, there were times when I found her behaviour more than a little weird. She just seemed to loll from one bad situation to the next and I thought that was a little unfortunate for a woman that was obviously smart…she was a doctor after all.

Kai was the other main protagonist in the story, and at first glance the guy appeared to be just the man for her but there was something odd about him, he was just such a random character, his behaviour at times made me consider why the heck he was even bothering. He was such a closed character that getting a handle on what exactly he was all about was almost too much for me to actually care about.

The other characters, namely Taylor and Melissa added little to the story in my opinion other than to muddy the waters but saying that I think overall, I liked Taylor more than Kai, so at least that was a result.

To sum up, I would have to say that I am glad I finished the story, but I can’t say that I actually enjoyed it, it confused me so much that at times it wasn’t easy to actually continue. I will admit that on the whole I generally liked Emilia and Taylor, but it was Kai that pulled the story apart for me and that was unfortunate.

I think the author had the bones of a good story, but it just needed something more to bring it to life

3 ***


Topic: Under the Scrubs by Katerina Baker

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