Reckless Surrender by R C Martin

This book is not a short read, so settle in for the duration. It is billed as a standalone book within the series but I have to say that while the book reads really, really well on its own and there are plenty of details and history – I think reading the first book would help you get the gist of not only the characters but the authors writing style.

In the first book you are introduced to Daphne – it is a fleeting glimpse it is enough to rouse the suspicions and pique interest.

The relationship or not as it is with Trevor was intriguing to say the least and this is their story and it is completely engrossing.

Alone, Daphne is nursing heartbreak like never before. Cast adrift by her parents, she is wallowing, struggling to find a reason to keep her faith her family and her god. But when she takes herself to task and faces her hurdles head on she is enlightened enough to realise that her faith is the one thing that she really has to rely upon, because no matter how much she may have considered that it had deserted her, the truth is that bad people do bad things in the name of her god.  

Finding reason and capacity to forgive them is her challenge.

Life has handed Trevor a bum deal in many respects. It hasn’t exactly been an easy ride.

Reluctant to accept that good could possibly happen to him he has managed to life his live almost one step removed from anyone that means anything to him, believing that losing someone that hasn’t got a hold on his heart will be easier, he has  hidden his heart away.

I really felt so sad for him, he deserved to be happy, no matter what he thought.

But all that changed when Daphne came into his life because her friendship was slowly morphing into something more, she meant more to him that either she realised or he was willing to admit.

But could this complete commitment-phobe see that his indifference and almost apathy was almost pushing the best thing that had ever happened to him away.

The book also gives us other characters that support the story along the way, Roman was someone that initially I want too keen on, he was a little too intense for my liking. Everything was so straight-laced, he was almost too opinionated.

His religion was paramount to him and I respected his desire to find a woman that shared his beliefs but I was relieved when he finally understood that you don’t have to find someone who is practically a clone in order to find happiness.

The one surprise I found was the portrayal of Logan. This pretty party girl completely flipped my opinion of her on its head, because she finally let me have a peak at who she really was, the fire that lay beneath the party girl and passion she had for those she really cared about.

Overall the story was a journey, it was emotional and dramatic. It had me laughing at times, but reaching for the tissues at other. It gave me characters that made me smile and others that left me shaking my head.

It took its time to get going but once it did, it was a beautifully crafted story.