Against the Rules

by M.E. Montgomery

I don’t think the blurb did this justice, or more to the point I don’t think it did Jaxson justice because after reading through it I wasn’t actually sure if I was going to like him, when in all honesty nothing could have been further from the truth because once I got into the story- I fell for him hook, line and sinker, he was fabulous.

There are family connections between Jax and Grace that for many may have been an advantage but it isn’t always the case and in some respects, that was Jax and Grace’s plight, because sometimes families just don’t when to take a step back!

I applaud the author for the seriously detail amount of information she furnished not just Jaz and Grace with but also their family and friends, she illustrated their world beautifully, such marvellously descriptive tones that brought the whole story to life.

I loved that Jaxson, had an air of vulnerable about him and I especially liked the fact that it was Grace that was the key to unlocking everything he had carefully locked away, she brought out the best in him and because of her he wanted to be the man she deserved.

It was far from straight forward but at least it was a path that he was willing to tread with her beside him, with Grace he could see a future that seemed so impossible before. That might have had something to do with the fact that as the daughter of the local preacher she had a calming air about her… although she was cleverly edged with a sharp sense of humour and total devotion to getting not just herself but Jaxson to where he needs to be.

A fabulous read that is so much more than the blurb implies


Topic: Against the Rules by M.E. Montgomery

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