by T.M. Frazier

I feel wonderfully corrupted, in true TM Frazier style this was dark to the point of perfection and made sure that it played my emotions like an absolute fiddle!

Grim (aka Tristan) first met Emma Jean when they were children, facing uncertain futures in foster care. These two lonely kids may have connected but neither fully understood why, when they met up again years later, their paths couldn’t have been more different.

Emma Jean has had the sort of life that makes you toughen up quickly and as true as that statement is, she hasn’t let it define her because whilst she may not do everything exactly by the book, she isn’t a bad person, she’s just in a bad place, so when Tristan comes back on the scene, she isn’t exactly in the right frame of mind to deal with what having him around means to her because try as she might she just cannot stay away, which for Tristan is music to his ears because having tried to find her for years, he isn’t going to allow anything to keep them apart this time.

I could practically feel the connection between the two of them through the screen of my kindle. The fizzled and popped off the page and as you may expect, nothing was quite what it seemed, there were questions to be answered and the author made sure that whilst she may not have been always prepared to divulge the answers, it didn’t hurt to have them asked!

The twists and turns were elevated, they peeked high above the darkness and left me breathless with anticipation. More than just your usual run of the mill read, this was full to the brim with attitude, prickled cleverly with a charisma all of its own it left me with one single question…. When can I get the next book?


Topic: PERVERSION by T.M. Frazier

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