On the Rocks

by Nicole Hart

Nothing in life is perfect and for Reese, that was her reality…her professional life was what she wanted but privately she was living a lie, married to a man that neither deserved or respected her. Everything was as far from perfect as she could have ever imagined but could she finally find the strength to walk away?

Well a trip to New York might just be the catalyst she was looking for because it is while she is there on business and while spending time with her best friend that she meets Gage and despite the fact that she is still married, there is no denying the connection between the two of them.

I don’t condone cheating but in many ways, I think her husband was almost goading her into her situation. His apathy was something that she could have only ever stomached for so long.

Being in New York is good for Reese, it gives her a peace and a freedom to explore not only who she is but what she wants.

Gage might not have been who she was looking for but when she walked into his bar, there was a spark that couldn’t be denied.  But is Gage the man for her?

Gage was his own man, a man that had long since left the misfortunes of the past behind him and focussed on being the guy he always wanted to be, his success is to be admired, especially when tempered with the details of his childhood. But when he sees Reese, there is no going back, this is a woman that he wants and he is willing to do what he must to get her…but just how hard will he have to try?

Well now is where the story sort of lost me a little.

They connected yes, but I wanted a little more than just the physical connection and I think I missed that. The book was fast, the characters were galloping a long at a fair pace but that didn’t mean that I didn’t want them to just slow down, take stock and evaluate. With the elements of suspense that I thought were superbly dotted throughout the storyline, I found myself waiting for the other shoe to fall half the time.

I didn’t get to take a good hard look at what else, other than the intimacy made them tick.

Gage was able to encourage Reese and support her as she moved on with her life and grew into the woman she wanted to be and I have to say that he was perfect for her in that respect but I wanted them to be able to show each other that they had the capacity to love each other and I didn’t the indication that they were willing to put how they really felt out there, emotionally there was a distance that I think frightened me. Reese had been through that before and I think I wanted to make sure that she wasn’t going to be heading down that route again.

I know I am probably reading too much into it but when you get involved with a character that has had one poor experience you want to make sure that they don’t follow the same path and while Gage was a million times better than her husband, I wanted Reese to happy and that meant for more than just the here and now and while I was happy that Gage was her guy, I wanted to be sure that he was always going to be her go to guy….yep, definitely looking at this to hard!

Well written and a quick pacey read, left me with questions but that probably says more about me than the author.

Would I recommend the book- yes!

Topic: On the Rocks by Nicole Hart

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