by Donna Grant

I had to read this twice and that is because the first time I finished the book and was left wondering what I had missed.

The story seemed to run away from me at times and despite the fact that I took a while to actually get through this at first, I still wasn’t sure that I had wrung everything from the story that I should.

So, I started all over again and I am glad I did because second time around this fast-paced story made more sense. The plethora of characters was hard to keep track of at times but they each added to the story and I especially liked the fact that all of the guys were back together.

While there is a great romance that burbles away throughout the story, I thought that the book had a lot more to say for itself than just the connection between Wyatt and Callie, after all they had been dancing around how they felt about each other for a while, it was great to see them finally accept the inevitable.

Please take your time and give not only the story but the characters the chance to win you over. They are worth the effort!

Topic: THE LEGEND by Donna Grant

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