What Might Have Been by Sherri Hayes

There are many words that can be used to describe this story and if I had to narrow down the field I would be hard pressed to find a suitable one…but I think if I really had to respond I would say it was authentic.

 I have a soft spot for family stories, characters that allow me a chance to take a peek behind closed doors so to speak and more importantly to experience the dynamic of not just a relationship between two individuals but to see where that relationship fits into the wider family dynamic because after all every new partnership has to find a way to become family…especially when you are as tight as the Daniels Family are.

I loved these boys, I especially loved the fact that they were really close but they brought more to the page than sibling adoration. They each had their strengths and weaknesses but they stood tall together.

Of each of the brothers I would have to say that Trent is my favourite. The glimpses that we have had previously didn’t really do him justice. He was a good guy in every sense of the word, he was kind, he was loving and he was patient but he was also a man with a longing that so far had gone unfulfilled, the object of his affections.... the beautiful Abby Hoffman.

In this book, he really comes into his own, he is ready to make his move, to step up and do what it takes to get the girl that has held a place in his heart for far too long., because now she is back in town and his life, she is staying…he just has to make sure she is ok with that idea.

I really liked the connection between the two of them, although I wasn’t sure how the whole situation with his brother and Abby was going to play out, that had catastrophe written all over it! But they were strong together and I was pleased that in reality they really didn’t have much going on in the way of angst, they just had to deal with the attitude and drama that everybody else seemed determined to put them through.

Trent could quite possibly be the poster boy for modern man, a man that was strong but emotional caring and considerate but wore his masculinity with authority, he longed for a woman that without the intervention of fate he might never have had the opportunity to be with but once he had his shot, what they had was only ever going to last a lifetime. This was a beautifully heart-warming story of love and devotion, of family and compassion, of understanding and acceptance but most of all it was the story of believing what your heart and soul is telling you and not settling for anything other than your perfect HEA.

The story was very well written; it has a fluidity about it that made its path a very each one to journey. There were aspects that were a little more alarming than I would have thought but isn’t that what life is all about, taking the rough with the smooth.  

Emotionally charged in places, this is one that might have you sucking in a very deep breath as you keep your fingers crossed for the pair of them.

Topic: What Might Have Been by Sherri Hayes

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