Flesh Into Fire

by J.A. Huss and Jonathan McClain

At the risk of repeating myself, I can only reiterate that this book…no scrub that, this whole series so far has been superb.
The stories take you into situations that I don’t even think I could have imagined existed, so I marvel in the creativity of two authors who seem hell-bent on making sure that this is the ride of a lifetime for everyone involved…me included!
Maddie and Tyler are the sorts of characters that just keep giving, it is impossible not to get emotionally attached and that as a reader meant that their plight was personal, because they mattered to me, so each paragraph triggered feelings, not all of them good because when it comes down to it life isn’t a bed of roses and nothing shows that more clearly that what they have been through.
The fire continues to weigh heavily on them both, but it is Maddie that is in the driving seat with a determination to make sure that she can put an end to both Carlos and his crooked empire. Tyler knew that she was out for revenge and whilst he was far from comfortable with her plan, he was willing to stand by her side, providing the support that she needed, after all, Carlos deserved retribution for the loss that she had experienced, getting over her friends was never going to happen until he paid for what he had done.
From the very start of this journey Maddie has had a strength that she refused to hide but in this, she unleashed that side of her with absolute abandon and it was that attitude, that feistiness that she had to bring into play because taking on Carlos was not for the faint-hearted. Tyler, well what can I say, he is as unique as you could possibly want a character to be, a charm and wit about him that is intoxicating but can this crazy pair make it together, achieve their goals and find their own brand of happy…well they were done letting others dictate whether that was possible or not this for sure!
Crazily well written, this was a superb addition to the series, and whilst it may have finished with a little bit less of a thud than the last book, that doesn’t mean that it didn’t make an impact, I can’t wait for the next book

Topic: Flesh Into Fire by J.A. Huss and Jonathan McClain

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