by Kylie Scott

It’s been a while since I had my hands on Kylie Scott book, so when I saw that this was available I just had to have it, after all she’s never steered me wrong on the past and on the whole she doesn’t with this one either.

Ok, so it was no Stage Dive, but it didn’t give a bad account of itself. It had a lot going on and overall a much different feel from her previous works.

Betty, a smart mouth florist in California has had her fill of a relationship that is more stayed  than she is willing to accept so she does the deed and tell her Fiancé Thom that it is over, now that is quite a bit to take in your stride but there was so much more to come for this pair because the life with Thom that Betty thought she was leaving behind was about to get a whole lot more complicated!

Betty was at their condo, packing up her stuff ready to move out and leave , she accepted that she loved the guy but there was no spark …well she was about to realise that if it was a spark she was looking for it…it was on its way because no sooner had she got her stuff together that their place explodes and she is caught up in the madness that is his “other” life.

She thought she knew Thom…sorry to say Betty…think again!

There was a hint of the “True Lies” about this situation in as much as Thom had tried to settle, he found himself a woman that he loved but he only gave her a sanitised version of himself, the real him was kept far away from his day to day life and Betty didn’t know the first thing about who he really was, she was in love with the character he had created and learning all his secrets was going to be eye opening because Thom wasn’t hiding juts a little white lie, nope it was a corker- the man is a spy, an undercover agent who has some serious enemies and his life and in turn Betty’s is about to become a whole lot more complicated. Because to get to him his enemies use the only thing, they can…Betty!

When Thom realises that Betty has been taken, he knows he has to come clean but how will she take it when she realises that almost everything about their time together has been a lie, and I say almost because it is clear that his feelings for her are not.

When she comes round and her situation becomes clear, Betty has a fight on her hands not only just to survive but to also get her head around the hidden world that she is now embroiled in, a world of danger, mystery and more murder and mayhem than she could have ever imagined.

The relationship between Thom and Betty was complicated and the author did a great job getting across not just their situation but the initial animosity that bubbled under the surface as Betty began to find her place in his life, and also tried to get her head around the level of deception that Thom had brought into her life.

The story wasn’t what I expected but it was a good read, there were some slick scenes that showed just what this pair really had between them, there was passion and sensitivity but tempered with everything else that was going on in the situation I thought the author was creative with the developments that would impact them both.

I especially liked the large cast of secondary character, the guys that worked alongside Thom (I hope we get more from some of them) and of course Betty’s bestie Jen.

Whilst this may not have been my absolute favourite from MS Scott, I think it had a lot of very positive points and if there is the possibility for more to come then I think it definitely did its job.


Topic: LIES by Kylie Scott

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