Sing by CD Reiss

Book Seven of the Songs of Submission Series

The final instalment of this the most intensely erotic and breathtakingly beautifully romantic series.

This is book is the ultimate in how to end a series- it was staggeringly romantic, heart-breaking and above all brutally honest.

There is a truth that is refreshing and the whole story made me weep both physically and figuratively.

This book has it all and dishes it out in spades. The journey they have been on culminates under the most intense of circumstances. They have been through everything that the world has had to throw at them through the last 6 novels, they are unbreakable – and this is their final test.

Can the survive it – you bet your arse they can or they will both die trying.

Jonathan’s battle is physical but his pain is intensely tangible – you would have to be a hardened bitch if you could read his dialogue and not sob like a two year old who has just lost her favourite bear.

The inner tiger in Monica emerges in full force in this story and she sharpens her claws on everyone and everything necessary to fight for her man.

The desperation of the situation is never diminished, the seriousness of the situation is handled with tact and urgency, and it is just perfect and completes the situation perfectly.

Jonathan’s proposal to Monica was just well…. I don’t know what to say there are not sufficient enough words that could express how I felt – he stole the breath from my soul.

Monica on the other hand made a deal with the devil (Jonathan’s Dad) in order to take the most drastic of actions in order to save Jonathan.  Little did she know that Jessica was still on the scene but in this occasion she was on the right-side.

Jonathan and Monica are the epitome of what it takes to be a couple. They are forged together in titanium, an unbreakable bond that knows absolutely no bounds.

This whole series has been a pleasure to read it has been such a ride, it has made me gasp out loud, shout, scream and cry but most of all it has made me smile because it has shown that when you are on the line – love will always has your back!

Rating for this book 5 out of 5

Rating for the whole series - AWESOME