by Laramie Briscoe

When Tank popped up in the first book of the series, I wondered if we would be getting a bit more of him, so as you can imagine I was a very happy camper when I found out that he was getting his very own book.

What I didn’t realise that this would bring Blaze back into the fray as well. You see they had a thing going on previously, that didn’t exactly have a happy ever after for the two of them, and they parted ways.

I loved Tank, he was such a man’s man, a fantastic brother to Whitney and best mate to Renegade but while all of that was obvious early on, what hadn’t been so apparent until this, is own story was the true metal of the man, he was more than just a brute of a man, his strength came from his core, he was both emotionally and mentally strong and I could feel him burrowing his way under my skin from the get-go.

Blaze, came into her own in this story, the author gave us the opportunity to see why she was the way she was and why she seemed so determined to continue to be who she wanted to be…even if that left her fighting against herself because she also wanted to be the woman for Tank, the woman that he wanted and needed but something had to give and she was far from certain what it was going to be.

The author gave both them and us the opportunity to watch as they tiptoed their way around each other, finding out what they could and couldn’t be to each other and eventually finding a relationship that was tailor made for them and only them, yep I understand that not all relationships are the same but this pair had more obstacles than most to get over. But they also had a love that so obviously was willing to find a way to flourish because the fought hard to get to their own special blend of happy.

Loved Tank and Blaze, fantastic read and fabulously well written, looking forward to seeing what this author has coming up next!

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