The Younger Man

by Karina Halle

I have read quite a bit by Ms Halle and I can hands down say that this is by far my favourite. I love a sports romance but throw in the age difference and characters that really left nothing behind in the quest to find their happy ever afters and I am a very happy reader indeed.

Thalia and Alejo were easy characters to get on board with, they just worked, I liked them both as standalone characters but put the pair of them together and they were dynamite.

Of course, there were obstacles that they needed to overcome but I was never in any doubt that they had it in them to do just that…they had the makings of a sensational pair and I couldn’t help but silently pray for the pair of them, they deserved each other that much was blatantly obvious.

Emotionally this was not a straight forward read, it threw a lot at me as the reader, but it also held my hand throughout the whole experience.

Fabulously well written, this was a book that provided everything I want from a romance and in doing so gave Thalia and Alejo the story the so richly deserved

Simply put…this was Superb


Topic: The Younger Man by Karina Halle

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