Bad Deeds

by Lisa Renee Jones

Oh Boy this is a total grower, with every book this series is getting better and better!

I knew at the end of the second book that I was totally addicted and now, well OMG the next in the series had better not be far away or I may just lose my mind!

This was sensational, the romance was totally hyped up, the suspense was ratcheted up to ridiculous levels and the characterisation was nuts! I can’t even begin to explain what an amazing job the author did.

Picking right up from the end of the last book (which if you haven’t read it you really should but the author does a quick recap – so you will get the general gist of it) the author doesn’t hold back, she throws caution to the wind and from the get-go you will be struggling to find a space on the page where it is even possible to stop and take a breath.

As in the previous novel, life for Shane and Emily is far from straight forward and while the secrets that have plagued them up until now may have been shed in some respects, moving on with their lives throws up yet more issues.

From the very beginning, this was a one sitting read, I have no idea what time in the morning I finally flipped over “The End” but I have to say that I quite simply couldn’t tear myself away. This brought everything I could ever want to the page and a little that I actually didn’t know I needed too.

Oh, and that cliff hanger…totally epic

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