Until July by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Aurora Rose Reynolds does what she does best and hands over a belter of a story, with little pomp and circumstance she brings the Mayson family back into the frame but this time it is the kids that are in the forefront.

What else would you expect from Asher and Novembers daughter July than for her to fall for a guy like Wes Silver. Well to be honest he fell for her, quite literally – when she tazed his ass!!! (Accidentally!)

July is a fantastic character, she is a real firecracker but she has a heart of gold and I have to say that I totally got her!

But she hooked her guy from the get-go and not because she was doing anything in particular – just because she was being herself!

Wes Silver has alpha down to a fine tee, almost an art form but he knows that from this first meeting this girl has ruined him.

July is a tough cookie, she has been able to handle her father for years and deals with his neurotic tendencies with what I can only describe as good grace, because it can’t be easy being the daughter of Asher Mayson!

Much like it is almost impossible to date the daughter of Asher Mayson and keep your sanity but notorious biker Wes may just have the makings of being the man for the job.

July gets into a bit of a situation one day when she is chased down by a biker that she narrowly misses when swerving to avoid an injured bird.

Oh, did I not say that she rides her own motorcycle – no, sorry my bad bit what did you expect, the girl has kahunas!! 

Not taking kindly to almost being run off the road by a fellow biker, he follows July with the intension of re-iterating the highway code but when he catches up with her bike, Wes gets more that he bargains for because not only does his jaw hit the floor when she whisks off her helmet but she is on the defensive and the Tazer makes its appearance.

Wes Silver has never felt the desire to fall in love, never been on the agenda but dear lord, one little taser sting and he is all over that feeling and he goes all out to get what he wants!

He pulls every trick in the book to get her. But Ms July Mayson does nothing the easy way and she has no intension of letting him win her heart without a suitable amount of effort- even though she is ready to hand it over- Challenge laid down they are both fighting the inevitable. Oh and what a delightful chase it is!!

They have their ups and downs and nothing seems to go to plan at first but they both know what they want and I have to say that I liked the fact that they were both willing to put in the effort to get to where they needed to be.

There is nothing that Wes would not do for July, he would die for the woman that owns his soul and that is a darn good thing because with Asher Mayson as a father, July comes from stock that you do not take liberties with and she is a woman that deserves the best that life has to offer.

I have few words that I can adequately express what I thought about July and Wes’s story other than the fact that I quite simply loved it!