Molly Part One by Tracy Lorraine

Bound by tragedy Molly and Ryan’s friendship slowly began to morph into something more that they had considered.

Could they overcome everything that they had been through and find a happy medium on which to build a future or was their past going to be the obstacle that stood in their way?

I enjoyed the read, but that was primarily because the author presented me with two characters that were genuinely fabulous. They were endearing, yes they were frustrating at times but I found that realistic, I wanted to whisper in their ears that they needed to wake up and look at what they stood to lose if they didn’t admit how they felt but as frustrating as it was, I also understood.

I liked the fact that the author also stuck in some great secondary characters into the story – namely Jax! I think there is more to this sexy tatted man than meets the eye.

I found the whole story more emotional than I anticipated. This pair really did undertake a journey and by the time I got to the end of the story I was so pleased that, that journey was not over.

Topic: Molly Part One by Tracy Lorraine

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