Tank by Carmen Jenner

If you read Kick then you are undoubtedly perfectly well aware of the intensity of the journey that Carmen Jenner is capable of taking you on. Well in this Tank, you are not going to be disappointed because like Kick, this is Ms Jenner firing on all cylinders… this is a book that is definitely not for the faint hearted.

This will make you take a good hard look at some of the things you may have considered as a given, but that is the sign of a good book, one that encourages you to challenges you to think outside the box, to look at everything you think you know and perhaps start again!

Tank is a killer, he holds nothing back and refuses to shirk responsibility and brotherhood, the guys in his club are his family and there is nothing that isn’t prepared to do to protect what he treasures most.

As you would expect with a MC, the club is awash with women who will do anything to keep their place within the club, be that as an old lady or as in Ivy’s case, as one of the club whores.

Position aside, I felt so sorry for Ivy, she was a shadow of a woman, one that was being held hostage by the trauma of her past, one that refused to get her go. She was a miserable wretch of a woman but it was circumstance that had broken her and she could see no way to recover. Life held very little interest, it was just a procession of days, that were all the same and that had nothing but hurt to offer her.

But her life is given its own brush of illumination, a splash of colour when Tank gives her a reason to try, an opportunity to change the future, the past can’t be undone but can they both grab lifeline of a future and make it work?

They are hard work, they really don’t do things the easy way but their struggle to accept what and who they are is both harsh and hard.

They make plenty of mistakes but I was relieved that they stuck to their guns and not only that they stuck together.

The book took my breath away at time it was so dynamic and at times, so emotionally brutal, It make me take a look at life and re-evaluate.

A book that is not to be missed. 


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