Finally Yours

by Claire Raye

Ok, so let’s just get this off my chest. Had I read this without having read the prequel novella I think this might have worked better for me but picking this up straight off the back of finishing up the at book didn’t do me any favours because I just didn’t get the same vibe.

Now I know we got a bit of Lauren in the novella but in this we get her full on and I wasn’t particularly keen on everything she didn’t display. She was a master at keeping secrets and when you add that to Jack and the cards, he plays very close to his chest, it all seemed just a tad too angsty for me.

I liked that Lauren was making it work in the wine trade, working her parent’s vineyard and showing she is no pushover. But add the seriously sexy Jack into the mix and this pair had the chemistry to be fabulous, I just don’t think they really were. I could physically feel my enthusiasm waning at times, I was hoping for a little more depth and detail and just when I needed it …I felt as if I was left hanging.

The “drama” with their previous relationships was no drama at all really and that was disappointing.

What I did like was the secondary characters, this author certainly knows how to get you hooked into the what if’s! It was great to get more Will and Ellen and I cannot wait to get more of the twins.

Will I read the rest of the series, yes because I think there are good things to come, this pair just didn’t rock my world.


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