Perception of Life

by Shandi Boyes


This caught me off guard, I hadn’t expected it to be so quick off the mark.

Literally from the first chapter it has its claws out and had me hooked.

When I start to read, I normally just get stuck in and don’t stop until I either reach a natural break or the book is finished but in more than one occasion I found that I reluctantly had to lay the book down and walk away.

Noah Taylor, oh where have you been all my life…man you are welcome back at any time, in fact I don’t ever want to let you go!

The relationship between Noah and Emily had me guessing but in a good way, could they keep up the intensity of their passion or would they burn themselves out?

I couldn’t wait to find out, it was desperate at times but it was all I could think about. I will admit at times I found myself shaking my head at the kindle wondering what the heck Noah was playing at but what I couldn’t doubt was the love that he had, he left nothing behind.

I laughed and smiled most of my way through the book and finished with an almighty grin, I cannot wait for book two.

Topic: Perception of Life by Shandi Boyes

Date: 28/04/2016

By: Shandi

Subject: Thank you

Thank you for reviewing my book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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